domingo, 4 de fevereiro de 2007

Wining back our good luck: bridewealth in nowadays Maputo

in Ufahamu, 32, 3 (2006)

Previously translated as “bridewealth”, south Mozambican lobolo is often reduced to an archaic economical transaction that vilifies the woman and regulates descent. A case recently observed in Maputo rather presents it as a “traditional” toll which allowed the couple to overpass problems arising from innovative conjugality, by manipulating ancestors’ spirits’ role. Departing from this case and from the historical and synchronic variation of lobolo, it emerges as a polysemic institution, adaptable to very different and changeable needs.It’s also seen as a dignification source to individuals and their families, presenting unique abilities of descent legitimation and control over uncertainty – factors that reinforce its continuity, regardless of what will happen to the hegemonic gender ideology.

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Leia artigo ( in Travessias) que serviu de ponto de partida para Lobolo em Maputo - um velho idioma para novas vivências conjugais, Porto, Campo das Letras, 2005

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